Org charting software that gives you
instant insight into your workforce

OrgPlus 2012 Laptop


With Insperity® OrgPlus® desktop software, you get more than a professional-looking org chart  you get a snapshot of your entire organization, chock-full of data you need to make confident business decisions.

New Drag and Drop Icon

Model and test scenarios
Easily create and compare different org structures
with intuitive drag and drop functionality.
New Key Metrics Icon

Display key workforce metrics
See headcount, salary, tenure in your chart
so you can make decisions at a glance.

Pre-built Templates

Use pre-built templates
Create boardroom-quality org
charts fast – no drawing required
Printable, detailed charts

Share your chart with colleagues
Add it to a presentation, website or
email with just a few clicks.
OrgPlus Professional Import Icon New

Automatically update your chart
Sync your chart with another file or system
so it stays up-to-date – no manual entry needed.

OrgPlus vs. PowerPoint and Visio

Visio and PowerPoint are good for drawing simple diagrams, but they lack
the flexibility needed for creating and managing organizational charts. Any changes
will require adjusting multiple boxes or re-drawing the whole chart.
Basic org charts
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Import multiple field employee data
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Automatic sub-charts
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Best practice views and templates
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Scalable for 100s or even 1000s employees
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Publish to PDF with navigation
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Publish to HTML with navigation
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Custom calculations and formulas
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Customizable reports
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Employee directories
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